5 Small Business Breakup Tips


Small Business Breakup Tips

Keep it Classy

In a world of unicorns and rainbows, there would not be any small business breakups. But the reality is, that at some point in your life, you will break up with a client or business (dumping a client or getting dumped by a client). I’ve come up with 5 tips for healthy business/client breakups, based on my life experiences as a small business owner/entrepreneur. Regardless of  your position in the relationship, try to stay professional and harness your emotions.

Be Brutally Honest with Tact

1. Give them an opportunity to make things right. Most of us are not very good mind-readers. Let them know when something is not right for you as it becomes a recognizable issue. Don’t let it snowball, assume or jump to conclusions. That usually backfires!


2. Warn them the relationship might end. Even if your personal and business lives have crossed lines, people generally appreciate a fair warning. Putting your head in the sand and delating the inevitable will probably keep you up at night. With finances in play, this would be common courtesy, especially for the small business who often budget tightly.


3. Be open and honest – don’t blindside someone. If your criticism is constructive and you have tried to work things out, let them know there will be a pending breakup. Maybe you are going in a direction and they are not a good fit for you anymore and that is a fair. Of course, if you are to this step – I hope you tried tip #1 and tried to work things out.


4. Work with them as amicably as possible regarding a departure transition. Of course, you should be compensated for your time for this. The new person/company replacing you is already in an awkward position, no need to make things ugly for them.


5. Treat others as you want to be treated. This old saying never gets old!


Though I am a firm believer in never trying to burn a bridge,  I’ve learned that sometimes those bridges are toxic and burning them is the best way. By all means, that is the LAST RESORT! The world is too small and there is that karma thing!!

About Greta: She tries her best to be positive, a good communicator and certainly wants what is best for all Kickify clients. Understanding the business world is not perfect and neither is she, she prefers to stay in her happy bubble and make all clients happy. She is aa natural people-pleaser and get her big girl panties on, even if there is a bump in the road.


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