Advertising with Creative Social Media

Snapchat-MemeIf you’re trying to expand your business’ presence on social media, you may have recently noticed a push to utilize newer visuals-based platforms, such as Tumblr, Pinterest, or Snapchat. Advertising on these platforms is not for everyone – especially because their original purpose is for personal use – but for those willing to put in the time to make content appropriate for these arenas, they can be very beneficial in reaching an extended audience.

To determine if advertising on a more creative platform is right for you and your business, you should first identify your audience. Are they millennials? Middle-aged? How about do-it-yourselfers? New parents? Your audience could possess any number of characteristics. Once you know your audience’s general age range and interests, use site demographics from different social media platforms to determine which best match your interests. This type of social media is often directed at a younger audience. For example:

  • Tumblr has over 300 million blogs; 27% of their users are aged 18-24 1
  • Snapchat reaches 41% of the nation’s 18-24 age group each day 2
  • Pinterest has over 100 million users, 81% of which are female 3

Knowing the motives of your audience to use such platforms is an important part of your digital marketing as well. Tumblr users, for instance, are often interested in sharing original creative content created by other users, like art and writing. Because of this, even the everyday Tumblr user might reach tens of thousands of viewers with a post. On Pinterest, users are often more concerned with sharing internet finds than posting their own original content. They share recipes, project ideas, clothing trends, and more from other websites. Snapchat wildly differs from both, primarily focusing on videos and photo content sent directly between users to stay in touch with friends.

Should you choose to advertise on these social media platforms, each offers business accounts and tools to help you succeed. Some perks for each include:

Pinterest Tumblr Snapchat
Analytic tools, widget builder, and Marketing Developer Partners Analytics tools, data partners, and brand strategists for consultation Their marketing team creates your content, to match their aesthetic
Marketing options include promoted Pins, buyable Pins, ‘Rich Pins’ Options include sponsored posts, audience targeting, and sponsored days in which your brand is applied to the dashboard Options include Snap video ads, sponsored geofilters, and sponsored lenses (often leans towards the goofier side of humor)

The world of creatively-oriented social media may seem a tricky world to enter, but with the proper time and vision, can be a lucrative endeavor. Take a look at some of the things being posted to these sites. If your audience and advertising vision fall in line with those already presented on platforms like Tumblr, Pinterest, or Snapchat, content creation for your business will likely become more creatively involved than ever. You may choose to allow others, like Snapchat’s marketing team or Tumblr’s brand strategists, to create such artistic content, which may get more shares and reach than ever before.  

Darian is Kickify’s Tulane Summer Intern. She is focusing on a career in digital design when she graduates. You can check out a small snippet of her talent here. 

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