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Watching your Brand Image on Google

brand image on google


brand image on google



One of the services Kickify offers once you become our client, is “digital stalking.” We are constantly following your online brand, without you even knowing (or even paying for it). I Googled our awesome client, Buston Attitude on Monday. We had the honor of revising his successful businesses’ logo and website last year.  Owner, Bill Wass (the nicest person ever), was a friend of my father’s and this account. 

Google may include old info or images in your listing

Upon Googling, I noticed his old logo appeared on the search results main page. I immediately logged in to his Google Business dashboard to see if the old logo was there, and it was not. Googled him again for “images” and the logo still appeared, linked to a third party site he used to advertise with. 

Google customer service to the rescue

Immediately, I got on the phone with Google to remedy this problem. It was explained to me that the pictures are randomly generated throughout all of Google and you can’t control what is seen in your search results. My response was that this didn’t seem like a logical thing. The Google representative did offer to suppress the old logo as a solution. Within 24 hours it was gone and the new logo was now front and center.  The rep called me back the next day to confirm and see if I was satisfied. I took the 5 question survey and let them know I was completely satisfied! 

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