New Orleans Law Website Design: Kristin M. Lausten

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Kickify launches a top-notch New Orleans law website design

When your lawyer friend decides she wants a law website, and your other friends point to Kickify as the solution to deliver the best legal website, you step up to the plate!  One of our mottos at Kickify is, “Friends as clients, clients as friends,” and with Kristin M. Lausten, this was no exception.  

A lawyer with a branding vision

Kristin was a unique client, in that she definitely had a precise and clear vision of what she wanted for the total package of her personal legal brand.  Her goal was to create a quality website that would stand out locally in New Orleans, and throughout Louisiana, as well as internationally. She provided examples of features of other websites she liked, which we coded into one awesome website. Kristin wrote all her own content and we even trained her early on, how to add it to the site as we continued to build it. The logo contains the London dragons, which she provided to us as a skeleton of a design. We were able to modify it to look exactly the way she envisioned it.  

Final product a huge success

For the final website product, the talented Kickify team was able to to meet all her requests.  We are so pleased that she is pleased. We think the website creates a powerful and professional international legal brand that, Kristin M. Lausten, can expand on for many years to come. She is one smart lawyer and fun friend, and the Kickify family is proud that she chose us! 

Are you looking for a law website design?

Contact us today to discuss your business goals and how Kickify can help you with your business name, logo, website and more!  Call Greta at (985) 807-4805 or email us here.



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