What in the world is a Kickify?

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Kickify is a full-service online branding company, but what does that mean?   It means we do the following:

We can virtually sit down* with you and make a plan based on your business goals.

We can help you choose your business name.

We can help you choose a tag line for your business.

We can create your business logo.

We can create your business website.

We can create your business online store (eCommerce).

We can create printed materials and displays for tradeshows.

We can create printed materials to distribute to potential customers, such as business cards and brochures.

We can create graphics to use in your social media accounts.

We can create the social media accounts and maintain them for you.


We don’t just create your online branding, we REcreate it!

We can redesign your existing logo.

We can digitize an old logo that your designer never gave you files for.

We can recreate a website that you might like the look of but have no control or security with (it’s on a DIY site, or free service that has no guarantees of being available in the future).

We can redesign your existing website to be more modern and function with current web standards.


We want you to be happy and successful.

Our goal is to produce what it takes for your business to succeed.  Our team has well over 20 years experience, and will offer our opinion and suggestions based on that.  We are also aware that your industry may have special consideration, and will always listen to your input when we work on your project.  Once we complete the project, we will never leave you hanging!  We believe in creating long-term relationships with our clients. 


Are you thinking of starting a new business? A new online branding project? Give us a call!

You can reach Greta at (985) 807-4805 or email her here.



*since many of our clients are too far for a traditional “sit down” meeting, we normally meet virtually via phone and video chat.

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