A Cheap Logo is NOT a Good Logo

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I know you see them all over the television, internet and in print…$99 logo! $49 logo! Even $5 logo! But what are you really getting with a cheap logo?

Chances are those are being created by someone in another country where labor is extremely cheap or is some low budget, low skilled USA clearinghouse.  The “designer” probably input your company name in a program on their computer.  That processed 5 versions with some random shapes and colors in a quick layout for you to review and choose. It takes them 10 minutes and Voila! you have a logo. It’s a poorly done cookie cutter logo that does not truly represent your brand and is probably one stroke off from someone else’s logo…but it was a cheap logo.

So why is a cheap logo not good?

Let me count the vital things they probably aren’t doing when designing your logo:

1. Researching the competition

We research your competition to see what is standard.  We keep notes to make sure we don’t design something similar to what someone else in your field already has. Imagine how frustrating it would be to show up at a tradeshow, and your logo is almost the same as your neighbors. What if people start confusing you?  Think you are the same company? What if they are the competition? That also opens you up to a lawsuit if their logo was created first.  A cheap logo is a liability.

2. Researching your target audience

We research your target audience to make sure the concepts we come up with are attractive to the people that you want to get the attention of.  The age, gender, lifestyle, geographic location, and income level are important factors when designing a logo.  Brooks Brothers have a very different style logo than Tractor Supply.  There’s a reason.  Each of those audiences is attracted and responds to different elements.  Each logo designer did their research and figured out what the elements were.  They then created two successful, yet totally different styled logos.  A cheap logo probably won’t be attractive to your target audience.

3. Learning your business goals

Your logo is meant to be around for the long-haul.  Planning with your goals in mind makes sure you have a logo that will last as long as your business.  Granted, you may want to update it at some point in the future, but a good foundation will make sure the updates are minor, less confusing for your customers, and less costly for you.

4. Listening to your input

This is your business.  So, while your logo may not end up the way you originally envisioned it, it does have to be something you are proud of.  You are going to be passing that logo out on every piece of marketing marketing material you have made, as well as sharing it on your website and social media.  Although, if you don’t really think your logo represents you, you will start to resent it.

5.  Learning how you plan on using the logo

Are you just going to have this logo on social media, or will you be printing it in ways that the number of colors count?  If you are printing labels, screen-printing, or embroidering then the number of colors matter.  Not planning ahead could mean having to alter your logo for those items, or having to pay very high printing costs for the life of the logo.


Look at what it really costs you in the long run

If you pay $99 for a logo, or even $49 for a logo…but printing costs you thousands each month because it has elements that increase the price, then you didn’t save anything with that cheap logo.  If your business needs embroidered shirts regularly, but the logo is too complex to embroider, you’ll pay to have a new version created just for that function.  There are many potential costs that you can avoid by having your logo designed by someone who does the necessary research.

How do you save on logo design?

Discuss your needs with a graphic designer that will give you the whole picture, listen to your needs, and will create something you will be proud to share with the world!

Are you ready to discuss your logo?

If you want to schedule a free consultation with us, Greta will be happy to discuss what Kickify can do for you.  Most people that contact us end up in a long term relationship with us, and we’d love to have you join the Kickify family.


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