Q: Where is the Kickify Office located?

A: In today’s technical society, one does not need a fancy office with extensive overhead, to get the job done. The entire Kickify operation is remotely operated, but we can guarantee you that we will feel like you are connected with us from the first time we connect via phone, email or possibly in person.

Q: Who works at Kickify?

Greta owns and runs Kickify independently. She will personally manage all your accounts and bring in her trusted Kickify team to get the tasks you need done, quickly and efficiently. You are busy and we want to make your life easier and will work our magic to make your business/brand rock the web!

Q: Who are Kickify’s Clients?

A: One of the fun things about this business, is being allowed the opportunity to help all different kinds of businesses. We have clients in construction, transportation, art, restaurants, law, military related, oil and gas, crafters…you name it!

Q: How is Kickify’s Customer Service?

A: We treat each client as we would want to be treated! We also speak “human” even, though we are geeks! No matter what size service you need, you will be given “white glove” service. All phone calls and emails will be returned almost immediately, or by the following business day!

Q: Can you just send me a price list?

A: Before writing a proposal, Greta will speak to “you” (the client) to better understand your goals, then do a lot of behind the scenes research to see what is truly needed. Each proposal is customized to meet the particular needs of each client. We NEVER sell you something you do not need!

Q: Will you take over my social media for my company?

A: Yes, we can do that and we do on a daily basis. we also can work with your small businesses to manage your own social media properly. We definitely prefer to get all the social media set up properly, regardless of who manages it. We do offer booster and vacation help too and make great memes!

Q: Will you have time for me?

A: We will never take more clients than we can handle. Customer satisfaction is our priority!

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