Kicktastic Hosting

A few definitions that might be helpful:

Web Host: The owner of your website’s server.

Web Server: The super-secret black box that your website and email live on.

Private and Exclusive Server:

If you are fortunate enough to make it into the Kickify family, you are likely on our “super-private speedy and highly secure” server, too. It is kind of like an exclusive club and you have to know the secret handshake to get in. You aren’t sharing this space with thousands of random websites/domains, but only those clients that Kickify allows in the club. And our cost compared to the noisy, overcrowded, slow public servers isn’t much different. We have always thought of this as a service to our clients, not income. But hey – time is money and we spend more time on this than you will ever know!

Technology is not a perfect thing, but we have worked out a great system to maintain your website and email 24/7, even when you are sleeping! Kickify Wendy has been known to wake up in the middle of the night to address urgent concerns when the server calls her to let her know that it’s not feeling too well.

Kicktastic Hosting Rules:

  1. You have to be accepted in by Kickify. It is after all an exclusive club. Once we perfect the secret handshake, we will share it with you.
  2. You have to pay your hosting costs to stay in. Think of this as your rent or mortgage or heck, your electric bill. If you don’t pay, it gets turned off (within 2 weeks). We are usually more than generous with this rule.
  3. If we have to turn your website off because you haven’t paid the bill, we have to charge you to turn it back on. Again, time is money.
  4. Kickify has to perform regular maintenance and security updates on your site. Kind of like iphone updates, bugs and security issues are always occurring and we have to stay on top of them. We have some clients that do government work, and we have to meet their security needs as our minimum standard. The rest of us should feel fortunate the security bar is set so high (Kickify included).
  5. If you break up with us or even just our server, we will cry, but you will also have to move to another server at your own expense. We will provide the “keys” for the move. If we need to help with the move, again, time is money.


The Kickify Advantage:

  1. Your mail and website are constantly under our eye for security breaches.
  2. You are only sharing your space with other quality, properly maintained Kickify clients.
  3. Our server rocks! It is sooooo fast! We rarely have any downtime, and if we do, it is fixed with the blink of an eye!
  4. Kickify Wendy is the best server babysitter on the planet!

The Future:

Our plan for 2018 (or even later this year), is to offer a monthly cost via credit card for hosting and maintenance package, so that we can assure everyone their website is safe and secure with the others at all time.