Logo Design: LIGTT Project

Team Kickify was tasked to brand the large International Gulf Transfer Terminal "LIGTT" project, as a public affairs consultant. It is a proposed huge mega port, to be built off the coast of Louisiana, by the mouth of the Mississippi River. We felt we needed to co-brand it alongside the development group logo for the project, complimenting their red, blue…

legal logo design
Logo Design Project: DigiCourt

One of our amazing clients/colleagues asked us to do a logo for a new branch of his business.  We had to put a rush on it due to an upcoming trade show but I think we still made it pretty awesome!! DigiCourt brings court rooms into the modern age by digitizing their paperwork and cutting down on the time spent…

Logo Design Project: CIS

Our latest logo design project was to create a logo for Contractor Integrity Solutions, a group creating a way to make sure your contractor is licensed and legally able to do the work you are paying for. More logo designs can be viewed here in our portfolio. We also designed their new website, which you can view in this post: …

Memorial Day graphic
Kickify Memorial Day Graphic

Here at Kickify, myself and most of my contractors, have very strong ties to the military. We "get" Memorial Day as more than a day off work and a good sale. Enjoy what you have, but honor and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice on this dedicated day.